About Your Colon

Colonic Treatment invigorates and revitalises the body, and thus provides a thorough tissue cleansing process. Each patient receives pre treatment instructions.

With our usual eating behaviour exceedingly high quantities of denatured food poor in fibre, with too much fat and sugar, preservatives and other chemical additives, we put our intestines under permanent stress. We do not chew sufficiently and eat too hectically - all this, but also psychological problems can lead to troubles with the intestines and the digestion.

The most common consequences are constipation or flatulence and a feeling of fullness and pressure in the abdominal region.

Waste products that remain too long in the digestive system have a strong tendency to ferment and decay.

This leads to a dramatic increase of harmful bacteria mycosis and other toxins. Re-absorption of these substances automatically leads to auto-intoxication. A great number of diseases are due to this auto-intoxification process.

Indications to colonic irrigation as a health promotion tool

Primary indications

Hydration of the large intestine
Relieving stagnation by removing wastes from the Colon
Helping to decrease gut permeability
Improve bowel mobility
Encouraging peristaltic action
Improving nutrient absorption
Rebalancing gut bacteria
Contributing to liver , blood and kidney cleansing

Collateral advantages often perceived by individuals

As prevention against degenerative diseases
Management of IBS, bloating and alternating constipation and diarrhoea
Helping to clear up the skin , symptoms of acne and to remove dark circles from under the eyes
Increasing the energy levels , stamina and reducing the need for Long sleeps
Encouraging weight loss and long -term weight management
Helping to manage food ,alcohol and cigarette cravings
Helping with the release of emotional wastes stored in the large bowel
Helping to manage intolerances such as gluten , processed wheat etc
As a kick start of healthy living
As a visual reinforcement of the need to eat healthily and hydrate the body
As a contribution to knowledge about the body , and establishing connections between ones physical , intellectual and emotional being
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